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#2: Don’t say anything negative today

18 Aug


Why do I even need to state the obvious? It’s not nice to say negative things about your partner to others, and it’s not nice to say negative things about your partner to your partner.

“Can you put the toilet seat down, please?” is quite a bit different than saying “I’m so sick of you, you’re so useless; you never point the toilet seat down!”

So in an effort to continue to do what I try to do but sometimes fail at, I’m dedicating today to being positive about my partner.


This is something that has to be worked on ALL the time.

I tried to stay positive all day through this morning. Today as we were leaving for work? The car keys were missing. I actually thought I had been the one to misplace them, and was scrambling looking for them (while dear husband got a bit cranky with me.)

Guess what, they were in his pocket all along. I nearly said something about him snapping at me when he had them all along, but I kept my mouth shut, since I knew I wouldn’t be saying anything positive.  And you know what? He apologized to me for snapping. Had I been cranky with him, I would have never received an apology.

So I guess me changing what I can, my own behavior, does make a difference, even on a small scale.

I’m going to keep trying to be positive, but with 800 things going on at a time, I’ll have to make this another ‘project’ to really focus on it.

I know I shouldn’t HAVE to keep track like this and make these into ‘projects’; I know how I should be behaving, but so does everyone else in the country, and a good chunk end up divorced. Can’t hurt to focus and write this stuff down, can it?

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