#6: Pretend I’m being watched at all times

24 Aug

We can all have our “little secrets,” right?

I don’t know where I stand on this one. I certainly don’t hide things from my husband. I’m not flirting with other people in real life, on Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter.

But would I be okay if my husband knew everything I was up to? Would I be proud of myself?

This project was inspired by a synopsis posted on Marriagecoach1’s blog about cheating on your spouse, but the original post came from somewhere else. ( I can’t say I agree with much of the content on Marriagecoach1’s blog, but this guest post was intriguing.)

The author writes about how cheating can take several forms, and how at first she would have no problems having a ‘wifey-cam’ following her around everywhere. She then realized, however, that she sometimes acts in ways she wouldn’t want her husband to know about, such as:

  • poking fun at him behind his back
  • grocery shopping, forgetting her husband’s favorite items, and considering telling him they were out of those items (rather than just saying she forgot.)
  • blogging about things publicly that she wouldn’t want him to know

Are there things I wouldn’t be proud of? I think so. Giving my best girlfriend too much info about our intimate fights or disagreements, telling my husband I did something that I hadn’t gotten around to doing yet, claiming ignorance on issues I don’t want to deal with, etc.

So for the next day or so (thought this will be something I clearly think about long-term), whenever I make a decision, I’m going to think about my husband. What would he do in my situation?  Would he be proud of my decisions?

Update: 08/25/10 9:30am

I think I need to spend more than a day on this. Will report back in a few more days!

Update: 08/27/10 3:00pm

It’s going well. I find myself consciously thinking –  “What would my husband do?” It’s good. Helps keep me on the straight and narrow!

)Wondering what happened with my last post about the dry cleaning?)


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