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#8: Update my Facebook photo to one of ‘us’

25 Aug

Self explanatory. I just changed my Facebook profile picture to one of me and the husband.

How does this help me, him, or our marriage?

Not sure. But looking at our wedding photo as I put it up made me smile.


Well, what did you really expect to happen? I updated my Facebook photo! I know I felt good about it, anyway!

(Wondering how Project #7 ended up? That’s the one where I promised to really and truly put the phone back on the charger; one of the things that really annoys my husband!!)


#7: Put the phone back on the charger

25 Aug

My husband told me this morning that one of the things that rubs him the wrong way the most is that I never put the telephone back on the charger.

It’s true, I don’t. But who knew it would rub him the wrong way so much? I suppose if that’s one of the top things on his list that annoys him, we’re doing pretty well!

My project for the rest of the week is to seriously put the phone back on the charger. Is it really this simple to please him?


This one needs more work. I did get a “Holy crap did you just put the phone on the charger?” comment from my husband, so I think this is a minor success. Now I just need to keep actually doing it!

(Curious about Project #6 where I pretend I’m being watched at all times?)

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