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#9: Wash the dishes!

26 Aug

I’ll admit it up front. Doing the dishes makes me gag. Thinking about dirty old food and germy kitchen sponges is gross.  Most nights, my husband does the cooking, and he also does the dishes.

I know, I know! We should take turns; one person cooks, the other person does the dishes. I try to make up for it by making sure the baby is all fed, cleaned, in jammies and such by the time he is done the dishes.

And it’s not like it’s better this way because my husband is clueless about the baby. He’s not. He’s as much involved as I am taking care of the baby.

I need to do the dishes tonight, and more often in general. We’re having neighbors over tonight for some bacon wrapped filets, and my husband will be doing all the cooking. I’ve got to step up and do the dishes so he can enjoy some social time with the neighbors, too.

Hopefully I don’t gag too much. Maybe the secret is to dress up and wash dishes in heels like the lady in the picture.

Update #1: We just found out one of our guests is a vegetarian! I guess I need to leave work a little early and pick up something else!

Update #2: Dinner with the neighbors was amazing. We had a great time! My husband whipped up some appetizers and a great vegetarian dinner and all went well. Four bottles of wine later, and it was 11pm! Once the neighbors left, I told him I’d get started on the dishes. He said he’d rather me come to bed with him……..the rest you can guess.

(Curious how Project #8 worked out (updating my Facebook photo?)

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