Situation #1: How to behave when your husband is cranky

31 Aug

Last night, my husband came home from work and was quite a bit cranky. Not that I blame him at all; his key to our apartment door wasn’t working. He was knocking away on the door while I was changing in our bedroom, oblivious to his knocking.

Once he came in, he was VERY cranky. We live in a ‘luxury’ building where things tend to break or not work all the time. Management cares more about getting new tenants than servicing the existing ones.

The old way I might have handled this:

Well, people being cranky tend to make me cranky back at that person, even if they’re not cranky at me.

The way I did handle it:

I gave him a hug and a kiss when he came in, and made a conscious effort to be as ‘normal’ as possible. I fed our little guy dinner and took care of that.


My husband apologized for being cranky! I can guarantee you if I had become cranky as well, there’s no way he would have apologized. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for an apology – I was looking to help smooth over the situation. I think I did!

So what is this “Situation” thing as opposed to “Project?” Well, projects are things that I’m posting about that I’m consciously looking to do or change. Projects are things I’m going to do in the future. ‘Situations’ on the other hand, are issues that have arisen in the past day or so since my last blog post that I’ve ‘handled.’ Do you see the distinction?

(By the way, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)


One Response to “Situation #1: How to behave when your husband is cranky”

  1. missentregate August 31, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    YAY!! Oh man… I’m guilty of getting grumpy life that far too much. I’ve got a new goal to keep a happy face and make it better instead of worse.

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