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Guest Marriage Project #1: Love him up!

9 Sep

A few days ago, I posted a new project about how I wanted to do something nice for the hubby to show him I was thinking about him.

After my post about the cookies for my husband, In Like Flynn told me about her little project that sprung from my little project, and I wanted to share it with you.

In Like Flynn’s Project:

In Like Flynn left a Post-It Note on her husband’s rear view mirror  today that said “smile gorgeous, p.s. i love u.”

In Like Flynn’s Project Result:

“He sent me a text – “thank you – luv u” :) Off to a good start”

I think that’s great! The little things really do add up. Showing your husband that you love and appreciate him can only help!

(I’ve been getting so many great comments on the blog that I decided to open it up a bit. If you’re working on a marriage project of your own, to let me know at witty.wife at yahoo dot com. I’ll try to feature as many of your projects as I can.)

(By the way, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)


#15 – Be more polite to my husband than I am to my boss

9 Sep

How come we treat perfect strangers and our bosses wonderfully, but sometimes treat the most important person in the world like crap?

Now, I don’t particularly treat my husband like crap, but there are times when I get snippy and disrespectful, which doesn’t make any sense at all, since he’s the person I love and respect most in the world.

I read an article about being a good spouse in The Times (a UK paper), and a post on the blog From Dates to Diapers about making your husband a priority.

Both essentially spell out that though your kids and jobs are priorities, your spouse is THE priority. Of course the kids are important, but if you neglect your marriage and it fails, that does them no good! If you make your marriage the priority instead of the kids, it helps in lots of ways:

  1. You stay married.
  2. The kids don’t have to go through a divorce.
  3. The kids see a great example of how a healthy relationship functions.

Today, I’m going to work on just being nice. Being nicer and more respectful to my spouse than to people I barely know. I know this is more of an abstract little project, but tonight I’m going to put in a lot of effort and see where things end up.

And of course, all these things, these projects,  are cumulative. Sure, I’m writing about each thing once on this blog, but as I focus on them once, I’m trying to continue focusing on them. (See my latest assessment for more on this.)

(Curious what my Marriage Project is all about? Did you read yesterday’s post about sending my husband some goodies at work?)

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