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Reason #1: He made me strawberries in cream like my grandma did

10 Sep

Reason #1 why my husband is amazing:

We were talking about growing up the other day, and I was telling him how I remembered that my grandma in Canada (who passed away last year) used to put strawberries in a bowl, cover them with heavy cream, and sprinkle sugar on top.

Then she’d let us have at em’. They were delicious!

Last night, out of nowhere, he presented me with a bowl of strawberries in cream with sugar on top. He’s so sweet to remember and do that for me!

(Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)


Follow up to Project #14: Send some goodies to his office

10 Sep

He got the goodies! And he loved them!

Did you read the original post? Find it here: Send some goodies to his office

After he got the cookies, this email arrived in my inbox:

Just got back to my desk…and found cookies! Thank you baby…that’s VERY sweet.

How great! A few minutes later, this showed up on his Facebook page:

random “I love you’s” are the best. Thanks to my wife for sending a “just because” box of treats to my office. You’re the best baby, and I’m a lucky, lucky man. Love ya.

What is this???? I did this because I wanted to make HIM feel good. An unexpected outcome is that he made ME feel great. A few minutes later, another email from him:

The cookies are great, and my office now thinks you’re pretty much the coolest woman ever.

Wow! I’m so happy I could make his day!

(Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

#16: Update his computer desktop picture to one of us

10 Sep

We’ve had a Mac Laptop for a few years now. We bought it for my husband because I already had one, but mine has since died, so we share on occasion. (We just got a new Mac desktop so I can work on my photography a bit as well.)

The hubby will be on the laptop a lot this weekend working on some schoolwork, so I thought I’d surprise him and change the desktop picture from the standard Mac background, to a picture of us.

I hope it makes him smile.

On another note, his cookies are supposed to be delivered today, so hopefully you’ll see a post about that soon!

(Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

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