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Situation #2: How to deal with watching a Yankees documentary when you really want to watch The Biggest Loser

22 Sep

Source: AP

Last night, we got the kiddo to be and were both getting settled in to watch The Biggest Loser, a show we both love. While waiting for it to start, the husband was flipping through the channels directory. While flipping, he suddenly paused, but didn’t say anything.

I took a closer look and then I saw it: ESPN’s 30 for 30 was presenting a short documentary on the Yankees. More specifically, Yankee Stadium and George Steinbrenner called ‘The House of Steinbrenner.’ I immediately said, “You should put that on; i bet it will be good!”

Of course, he looked at me incredulously. I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, having grown up in New England. He’s a New York Yankees fan, being born in Connecticut. We’re pretty fierce about our rivalry. We’ve actually adopted our local MLB team as ‘our’ team because we can’t be in the same room together discussing the Sox or the Yankees.

But hey, I’m a baseball fan above all, and I knew how much he must have wanted to watch it.

So we watched The House of Steinbrenner. And boy was it good! I learned a lot about George Steinbrenner; I never knew he was actually a really giving person. I watched as my husband winced when they showed clips of the old Yankees Stadium being torn down. There was a lot of emotion in the documentary; and as a baseball fan above all, I thought it was pretty great!

(And since The Biggest Loser was two hours long, we got to see the end of that as well.)

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