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#22: Let him sleep in this weekend

30 Sep

Our little bear cub likes to wake up between 4:30 and 5:30am every day. 5:30 isn’t so bad on weekdays when we’re working. 4:30? Not so nice.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work, partly because I was sick, partly because I just needed rest, and partly to clean up the darn house a bit. I helped the husband get the little guy ready for daycare, and when they left at 7:00am, I went back to bed. UNTIL 10am! It was miracle, really. I don’t think I’ve slept till 10am since I was a teenager. Even then, I’m not sure I could sleep past 8:30 or so.

This morning, I got up early again (4:30am), fed the little bear, and coaxed him back to sleep. At 6:30, I was up again, getting him ready for daycare, and I sent him off with my husband at 6:45am. Well, I went back to bed until 7:15. It felt AWESOME!

Since it felt so awesome, I’d like to share some of that awesomeness with my husband this weekend. One morning when the little guy wakes up, I’m going to get up with him and just let the hubby sleep and sleep until he wakes up on his own. I hope he sleeps till 10am like I did the other day, because it was so refreshing!


Reason #3: Some Facebook Lovin’

30 Sep

Reason #3 why I love my husband:

This one speaks for itself!

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