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Situation #3: What to do when you get home early from work and have a whole hour to yourself

5 Oct

I had at least a whole hour to myself. I thought about doing my nails, laying down on the bed and playing Build-a-Lot on my iPhone, taking a nap, doing some homework…the possibilities were endless!

Instead, I started cooking some dinner for the fam. This, as you know, is one of my husband’s ‘jobs,’ namely because he’s good at it and I’m not.

Seeing, though, as he was going to pick up the little guy at daycare and I knew he would have a long commute, I thought I ought to have dinner ready when he got home.

I cooked some whole wheat spaghetti with artichokes, tomato sauce, and linguica. It was pretty decent! My husband isn’t a HUGE fan of linguica (ok, he’s not a fan at all), but he had told me the other day to get it cooked up. I didn’t realize he would have preferred it on the side. It was still a success, and he gave me some good tips on making the pasta sauce next time.

Maybe if I do this often enough, I’ll actually get good at it….

Note: We did some major cuddling last night. I think he was appreciative that I gave cooking a shot!

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