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Situation #4: What to do with yourself when your husband goes away on business

6 Oct

So what if my husband’s going away for a few days, you might be thinking. I know some of you deal with this all the time. Maybe your husband is in the military, or travels a lot for work, etc.

But, well, my husband and I are kind of close. And I kind of like it! We don’t spend every waking minute together, naturally, but we have a routine (did I mention I love routines?), and I love our routine. It’s predictable, we spend most evenings together, and time with friends is usually planned a bit in advance.

Part of this is due to the one car city living sort of thing, and part of it is because I think we like to spend the time together since we work so much.

Earlier this year, my husband and I both landed new jobs, and while looking, we both decided that traveling was out, unless the traveling was just for a day trip.

So when he mentioned he had a conference he needed to go to (in a sunny, warm, southern locale, mind you), I was a little disappointed, and just a tad freaked out.

How am I going to take care of a 10 month old alone for almost three days???? What is he going to do in the evenings? Have fun without me? Is he going to miss me?

Then I realized how stupid that all was.

  1. Of course I can take care of a 10 month old. He’s my son! Heck, I flew with him alone to see my family for a few days a few months ago. Won’t this be infinitely easier than flying with him?
  2. Who cares what he does in the evenings after his conference. I imagined him going to a restaurant bar watching baseball and doing all sorts of fun grownupy type things that we don’t get to do much together anymore with a ten month old. You know, like watch baseball and have a drink. Instead, he brought his laptop to do his homework assignments for some courses he’s taking and asked me if I could find time in the evenings to Skype with him so he can see me and the little guy.

Okay, he’s awesome, and of course I know I have nothing to worry about, but I’m going to miss him!

Now I just need to figure out MY routine. I’m used to taking the subway home and starting dinner and meeting them. I have the car today (it felt VERY weird driving. I haven’t done it in weeks!!) I need to get he kiddo after work, feed him, feed me, give him a bath, oh, and manage to sleep a little. The little guy has decided to start getting up during the night again.

Do any of you have husbands who travel? How do you deal with it? Or is it just sort of routine? I feel out of sorts!

I’m thinking about trying to get the little guy a babysitter Friday night so I can go meet the husband at the airport! That would be so great!

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