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#25: Bust out my OCD cleaning planner (and wedding weekend follow-up)

19 Oct

As some of you may have read a few days ago, I have a cleaning planner now. Yup. A weekly planner, dedicated to cleaning and my chores.


  1. I’m a little OCD (or maybe a lot)
  2. I won’t remember to change the cat box, brush my teeth, do laundry, etc, if I don’t.

The reason I forget these things is not because I’m lazy; it’s because my brain is too busy and has too much going on.

Well, after our fabulous trip to our friends’ wedding this past weekend, I’ve gotten out of the habit of busting out my planner to do my chores (aka, the normal duties of wife and mother.) And then in the day and a half since we’ve been back, my excuse is that we’ve been EXHAUSTED. So it’s back to the chores planner tonight!

How does this benefit my husband, you ask?

“I wish you picking up after yourself and helping me clean the house a bit more was a perk of your OCD.” – Real quote from my husband.

Wedding Weekend

Some of you may be wondering about our weekend at our friend’s wedding and how it went. It went AMAZINGLY! Thank you everyone for all of your help!

We had friends babysit, and we flew up north and had two whole nights to ourselves!

And we caught up on our sleep. NOT!

Friday night, after several drinks to ease the stress of flying on an airline I don’t know on a route I don’t know (OCD, I tell ya!), we arrived at a lodge that the wedding family had rented, where we’d all be staying. It all started with some wine and catching up, and more wine, and many lobsters, and more wine, and more catching up…and even though we went to bed at 11pm, didn’t end until 3am when the loud music and drunken festivities ended.

“Those youngins’!!” is probably what you’re thinking, right? Except it wasn’t, it was all the ‘young folk’ in their 20’s and 30’s as well as several sets of parents, grandparents, and other ‘older’ relatives. Whew!

So naturally, even though we didn’t fall asleep until 3am, we were up by 7:00 since we’re on parental time, and also since the wedding rehearsal was at 7:30am. (Who had time to do it the day before??)

After that, we spent the day relaxing a bit, and, umm, ‘spending time’ together, and then were back for the wedding which started at 4:30 at the lake outside the lodge. We laughed with friends, drank some wine, chatted with friends, danced, drank, danced, drank, and then somehow it ended up being 1am. And since the guys had decided to smoke some cigars toward the end of the night, I had a very sick husband on my hands. We got to bed at about 3am, and were up at 7am to pack and head for the airport.

In the end, it was a great success of a weekend. My husband and I got to spend some much needed alone time with each other, we got to reconnect with some great friends….but the sleep? We’ll have to catch up on that another time.

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(Curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)


Updates to Projects #22 and #23 – I let him sleep in AND made him coffee! I’m good!

4 Oct

Updates to Projects #22 and #23.

My husband actually got up on Saturday morning thinking something was wrong! Our little guy woke up fairly early, and I got up with him to let my husband sleep in.  Around 9am, my husband woke up to an empty bed and thought something was wrong since it was so late and I wasn’t there.

That’s kind of sweet!

When he got up, I had some coffee ready for him. And I made the coffee correctly (I’m a terrible cook/coffeemaker/anythingtodowithfoodorappliances kind of person.)

Nothing extravagant or super romantic, but I think he really appreciated it.

Update to Mistake #2: Know when to grow a pair. Also know when to let something go. Don’t be wishy-washy.

29 Sep

Crisis averted? Maybe?

I eventually went to bed. He was asleep, and as much as I really, really, really wanted to talk, I kept my mouth shut. As I was drifting off, I could hear our little one tossing and turning through the baby monitor. My turn to get up, of course. He settled back down, but the noise of the kiddo woke my husband up, too.

He kind of looked around (I think he was unsure if I was back yet), and HE ASKED ME HOW MY NIGHT OUT WAS.

There I was, expecting him to turn his back on me, expecting him to give me the silent treatment as a form of punishment, but no. He asked me how my night out was.

So, was I expecting my expectations much too low in the arguing arena? I don’t know, but when I had come to bed, I was on the defensive, ready to go at it if he should say anything to hurt my stupid fragile feelings.

After we talked about that for a minute, he apologized for fighting with me. And you know what? After a long miserable day from hell, that was enough. That was MORE than enough. At this point I didn’t even care about the original issue; it’s really something we may just have to agree to disagree about. I apologized, too, for pushing and pushing earlier in the day.

Overall, I think that went okay. Crisis averted. Time to get back at it and start a new ‘project.’

Follow up to Project #18: Bake his favorite cornbread muffins!

16 Sep

So yesterday I said I was going to bake my husband some cornbread muffins, which he loves!


Fail! We had friends over for dinner last night, and after dinner the men were supposed to enjoy some manly banter while us ladies baked, but once we were through a few bottles of wine, we all got a little chatty!

I’ll have to give it a shot in the near future!

So, I didn’t bake. But we had a really good time with our friends, and the hubby seemed to have a good time and enjoy the company!

(The Marriage Project so far)


Follow up to Project #14: Send some goodies to his office

10 Sep

He got the goodies! And he loved them!

Did you read the original post? Find it here: Send some goodies to his office

After he got the cookies, this email arrived in my inbox:

Just got back to my desk…and found cookies! Thank you baby…that’s VERY sweet.

How great! A few minutes later, this showed up on his Facebook page:

random “I love you’s” are the best. Thanks to my wife for sending a “just because” box of treats to my office. You’re the best baby, and I’m a lucky, lucky man. Love ya.

What is this???? I did this because I wanted to make HIM feel good. An unexpected outcome is that he made ME feel great. A few minutes later, another email from him:

The cookies are great, and my office now thinks you’re pretty much the coolest woman ever.

Wow! I’m so happy I could make his day!

(Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

I cooked my husband dinner!

8 Sep

I didn’t burn much anything last night, which was incredible!

Need to catch up? Here’s yesterday’s post: Cook my husband dinner

When I told my husband I was going to make us dinner last night, I could see him twitch a little and break out into a sweat, but I reassured him that it would be okay.

I realized we didn’t have much around the house, but we had chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, and pasta, so I threw the ingredients into Google to see what would pop out. I found a few recipes for, you guessed it, Pasta with artichokes, tomatoes, and chicken.

I didn’t really follow any of the  recipes.

My steps:

  • I cut the chicken breast into smallish pieces, put it in a pan with onions, garlic, and olive oil. I let that go.
  • In another pan, I sauteed onions, artichokes, and tomatoes with olive oil.
  • And lastly, I got the pasta going (and when it was done, you guessed it, tossed it on olive oil.)
  • I threw the pasta on a plate, put the sauteed veggies on top of that, and the chicken on top of that. Voila.

I was terrified, because I never ever ever ever cook, but the husband said it was my best meal ever. Success!

What was neat, though, is that I assumed he’d want a break from making dinner every night. It turns out it wasn’t so much a break from making dinner that he wanted, but a chance to feed our little guy his dinner! I usually feed him dinner while the hubby makes our dinner. It was very sweet that he got to spend more time with our little guy last night.

What a great night!

This morning, he told me he wasn’t sure what has been happening lately, but that he feels so great about our marriage, and feels like we’re in a really great place. Could all this be working??

(Does this type of post look new to you? As my blog has been evolving, I’ve added new categories, and today I decided that for some of my ‘projects’, the results will get a second post, as opposed to being added to the original post. Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?))

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