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I cooked my husband dinner!

8 Sep

I didn’t burn much anything last night, which was incredible!

Need to catch up? Here’s yesterday’s post: Cook my husband dinner

When I told my husband I was going to make us dinner last night, I could see him twitch a little and break out into a sweat, but I reassured him that it would be okay.

I realized we didn’t have much around the house, but we had chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, and pasta, so I threw the ingredients into Google to see what would pop out. I found a few recipes for, you guessed it, Pasta with artichokes, tomatoes, and chicken.

I didn’t really follow any of the  recipes.

My steps:

  • I cut the chicken breast into smallish pieces, put it in a pan with onions, garlic, and olive oil. I let that go.
  • In another pan, I sauteed onions, artichokes, and tomatoes with olive oil.
  • And lastly, I got the pasta going (and when it was done, you guessed it, tossed it on olive oil.)
  • I threw the pasta on a plate, put the sauteed veggies on top of that, and the chicken on top of that. Voila.

I was terrified, because I never ever ever ever cook, but the husband said it was my best meal ever. Success!

What was neat, though, is that I assumed he’d want a break from making dinner every night. It turns out it wasn’t so much a break from making dinner that he wanted, but a chance to feed our little guy his dinner! I usually feed him dinner while the hubby makes our dinner. It was very sweet that he got to spend more time with our little guy last night.

What a great night!

This morning, he told me he wasn’t sure what has been happening lately, but that he feels so great about our marriage, and feels like we’re in a really great place. Could all this be working??

(Does this type of post look new to you? As my blog has been evolving, I’ve added new categories, and today I decided that for some of my ‘projects’, the results will get a second post, as opposed to being added to the original post. Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?))

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