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#13: Cook my husband dinner

7 Sep

I burned pasta once. Can you come back from that, or am I doomed?

I can bake fairly decently, but cooking? eek.

Tonight I’ll be home before my husband, and I’m going to cook dinner for us. My husband loves to cook. And he’s very good at it. But I think he’d appreciate a night off, so I’m going to whip something up.

I’m combing the internet now, but if anyone has any (easy) recipes to share, feel free! We have tons of chicken breast, so that might be a good starting point. And now that we have a second car, I can run to the grocery store quick after work to get what I need! Hooray!

Note: this won’t help our marriage if I ruin dinner, so make your suggestions simple!

Update: Read the follow-up to learn more about my evening as a chef in the kitchen!

(By the way, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

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