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Ideas for changing your life

10 Mar

Ok, so, these are ideas for changing my life, but I want to know what changes you’re looking to make, too. Add them in the comments! Though these aren’t all ‘marriage’ changes, I think all of them will benefit my marriage in some way.

Changes I want to make / Things I want to do:

  • Kiss and hug my husband every day.
  • Stay calm, particularly if we start to argue.
  • Walk away from a less-than-calm argument, instead of becoming an emotional trainwreck.
  • Spend 15 minutes a day talking….work, kids, schedules, our relationship, and chores are off-limit topics. It’ll be interesting to see what we talk about.. I feel like all we talk about sometimes are these topics.
  • Put up more pictures of us around the house.
  • Discuss (and write down and post somewhere) our 2 year goal, 5 year goal, 15 year goal, and retirement goals.
  • Have more sex (we’re tired parents of a 7 year old and 15 month old!) I read that the average is 1.5 times a week, so we’re already ahead of the curve, but I’d prefer more if I could actually stay awake!
  • Encourage my husband to get out a little more. He works long days at work, and though we make time for our ‘couple friends,’ he doesn’t get out much for a guy’s evening. I’m thankful for the time he is at home, but wondering if he’d be a little happier if he got out every now and then.
  • Be more positive and less negative. I tend to see the negative side of everything. I’m a realist!
  • Expand our circle of happy  ‘couple’ friends.
  • Have more ‘active’ dates with my husband. We LOVE dining out, but I’d like to try something a little more involved and active. (Any suggestions?)

Any other ideas? What are some things you’d like to change, or even do every day?


Marriage Project – Assessment #3

15 Sep

You’ve been reading my Marriage Projects Steps for a month now. What do you think? Is it working?

I’m long overdue for an ‘assessment’ type post.

For anyone new here that needs to catch up, check out my first post where I describe my Marriage Project.

Also, feel free to check out all the posts of the Marriage Project so far on one easy-to-read page.

What this blog is not:

  • This is not a ‘big picture blog. I ‘get’ that there’s the big picture when it comes to marriage. In my completing all of these little tasks, I’m not avoiding the big picture or refusing to see it. But there are already a ton of websites that focus on marriage in general. I’ve read a ton of them.
  • This is not a theoretical blog.  There are also many websites on how theoretically to be nice to your partner and serve your partner. I’ve seen those to. What I’m doing here is trying to put those ‘theoreticals’ into action.
  • This is not a blog predominantly featuring sex. There are already a ton of ‘sex in marriage’ blogs. You don’t need another one. I know sex is a really, really, really important part of marriage, so I’ll just leave it at the fact that I’ve already made a commitment to make and keep that a priority a long time ago. Things are just fine and dandy on that end!

Recent thoughts:

  • Things have been GREAT between me and my husband lately. A lot of these little projects I set out to do to make my husband happy. But BONUS! They’ve made me feel good as well!
  • Me being in a better mood has helped HIM be in a better mood. I’m trying hard not to be a grouch!

What I need from you, dear readers:

  • I’d love any ideas on what projects I should do next! I’d love to get a list going in advance! Tell me what I should do next!
  • Are YOU doing something that would be a great addition to this blog? Tell me about it, and I’ll feature your project as a guest project!

Post recap since my last assessment:

Feedback! How am I doing? Tell me below!

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