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#26: Will work for guacamole

20 Oct

Those of you who are new or don’t happen to visit very often must be thinking, “This is boring. Fold the laundry, send him a card, draw him a picture, let him pick the Netflix this time…Where’s the excitement? Where’s the one key to making marriage awesome?”

Well, for starters, last night I started folding a huge pile of laundry, which I absolutely hate doing, and do you know what? My dear husband made me a huge bowl of guacamole (my fav!) not as a reward for doing laundry, but because he knows how much I hate doing it, saw me doing it, and wanted to do a little something nice for me! Now tell me that didn’t help our marriage on a small scale?!?

I didn’t, however, finish folding, because we got a bit busy watching the Yankees game last night. I have to finish that darn laundry tonight! I don’t want to hear, “You didn’t finish it? But I made you guacamole!!” (That would be him jesting, of course.)

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#23: Move his scary movies to the top of the Netflix queue

12 Oct

Have you ever fought over the Netflix queue? We have. My husband LOVES scary moves. Me on the other hand? Not so much. Especially the bloody and gory ones. Why would I WANT to be scared? He thinks it’s exciting. I think it sets me up for a night of little sleep and nightmares, especially when he thinks it’s funny to pretend he’s a zombie and jump out at me right before we go to bed.

I’ve hit him before for that, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I keep telling him that in zombie situations (or what I think could potentially be a zombie situation) that I am not responsible for my actions, even if I punch him in the jaw. It might happen someday because:

  1. If it’s a real zombie, maybe whacking him in the jaw will give me a chance to make a break for it
  2. If it’s not a real zombie, it would certainly get the point across that I don’t like when he pretends he’s a zombie

BUT, in all seriousness, my husband DOES watch a lot of Chick Flicks with me (Tortilla Soup, The Holiday, Where the Heart is, Notting Hill, anyone?) and even though I’m sure those don’t give him nightmares at night (or who knows, maybe they do?) I suppose I should be fair about taking turns.

Which is why today, I’m headed into the Netflix queue, and moving his scary movies to the top. Here’s to weeks of not sleeping!

(And by the way, I STILL didn’t make those cornbread muffins; we went furniture shopping instead last night.)

Update: The only one of those we actually watched was ‘Incident On and Off a Mountain Road.’ It was gross and really scary, but I actually thought it was okay. The rest just sat there, so we sent them back)

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