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#12: Accept that he will never put the toilet seat down

3 Sep

My husband got me a label maker to help soothe the OCD beast in me. I label everything. He’s had fun with it too…labeling the crib with ‘baby’ or our bedroom toilet with ‘poop and pee.’ This way I’ll be sure to know where everything goes, apparently.

I decided to keep playing along and labeled the toilet under the seat, asking him to put the seat down when he is done.  I have to give him credit, he did it a bunch of times. But then he stopped.

I’m sure I’ll get some flack from guys. “Why should we put it down? Then we have to put it both up and down.”

I understand that, but my problem isn’t even really with the seat. I want the cover down too. I put the cover up and down every time. And whenever I walk by the toilet to get to our closet, I don’t have to think about all those nasty germs around the toiler since the cover is down.

But, well, my husband is awesome in so many ways, and so is this really something to get frustrated over? I don’t think it will ever change. This is just something I’m going to let go of.

Update #1:

Since I’m giving up wanting him to put the seat down and accepting that he won’t do it, there’s really nothing to be cranky about. By accepting it, I’m losing the right to be cranky about it. I feel better already! Me aside, I think he’ll appreciate the sudden stop in ‘reminding’ (translation – nagging).

Update #2 (December 2010):

Well, our son is walking now, and he loves the bathroom….we might have to revisit the toilet seat issue.

(By the way, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

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