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#34: “I’m surprised you haven’t somehow contaminated me with this food and sent me to an untimely death.”

18 Nov

Credit: Food Network

Ok, that’s not really what my husband said, but I imagine that’s what he was thinking as he said, “Wow, honey, dinner is great tonight.”

You all know I’m not the best cook, and for the most part don’t even really like to cook (since it involved making a mess, then cleaning said mess.)

On Tuesday, I stayed home with the kiddo because our daycare was closed. I can barely cook dinner when I concentrate, so imagine my horror when I realized I’d have to take a crack at it with my 11 month old half walking, half crawling around everywhere. I’m not a big fan of just sticking him in the playyard or the exersaucer; I feel bad, plus he just screams at the top of his lungs anyway.

But since I was home with him, there was no excuse for me not to have dinner on the table when my husband got home.

I ended up trying out some honey mustard chicken. I didn’t even think to marinade it ahead of time; I just threw together some Dijon mustard and honey in a bowl, and swirled the thawed chicken breast around in there for a few minutes. I threw them in a pan stovetop and cooked ’em on up. I think what helped was throwing a little more honey on them RIGHT at the end.

Served with baked brussels sprouts (ends cut, cut in half, in olive oil with a tad of mustard) that I baked in the oven at 400 degrees for, oh, I don’t know, forever, it seemed like!

But, seriously, he LIKED my dinner! I’m getting pretty decent at this whole ‘wife’ thing!

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I cooked my husband dinner!

8 Sep

I didn’t burn much anything last night, which was incredible!

Need to catch up? Here’s yesterday’s post: Cook my husband dinner

When I told my husband I was going to make us dinner last night, I could see him twitch a little and break out into a sweat, but I reassured him that it would be okay.

I realized we didn’t have much around the house, but we had chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, and pasta, so I threw the ingredients into Google to see what would pop out. I found a few recipes for, you guessed it, Pasta with artichokes, tomatoes, and chicken.

I didn’t really follow any of the  recipes.

My steps:

  • I cut the chicken breast into smallish pieces, put it in a pan with onions, garlic, and olive oil. I let that go.
  • In another pan, I sauteed onions, artichokes, and tomatoes with olive oil.
  • And lastly, I got the pasta going (and when it was done, you guessed it, tossed it on olive oil.)
  • I threw the pasta on a plate, put the sauteed veggies on top of that, and the chicken on top of that. Voila.

I was terrified, because I never ever ever ever cook, but the husband said it was my best meal ever. Success!

What was neat, though, is that I assumed he’d want a break from making dinner every night. It turns out it wasn’t so much a break from making dinner that he wanted, but a chance to feed our little guy his dinner! I usually feed him dinner while the hubby makes our dinner. It was very sweet that he got to spend more time with our little guy last night.

What a great night!

This morning, he told me he wasn’t sure what has been happening lately, but that he feels so great about our marriage, and feels like we’re in a really great place. Could all this be working??

(Does this type of post look new to you? As my blog has been evolving, I’ve added new categories, and today I decided that for some of my ‘projects’, the results will get a second post, as opposed to being added to the original post. Also, curious what my Marriage Project is all about?))

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