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Project #17: Organize the ‘Pile of Doom’ (i.e., The Mail Pile)

13 Sep


Do you have a huge pile of mail on the kitchen counter? Dining room table? Somewhere? How come every time I clean up the pile, it’s suddenly there again?

Our pile is on the kitchen counter.

And regardless of how much I try to clean it up, it’s always there.  It drives my husband NUTS, much like me not hanging up the phone. He’s even taken to calling it ‘The Pile of Doom.’ You know it’s bad if it’s got its own nickname.

He is like a nagging wife about it. Sometimes I wonder, “Why can’t you clean the stinkin’ pile?” But considering the pile usually consists of:

  • bills
  • coupons
  • junk mail
  • school / medical / other financial ‘stuff’

how could he clean the stinkin’ pile? It’s my job in our marriage to handle the bills,  manage the organization of coupons, and to file  school/medical and whatever else paperwork. So it doesn’t make sense for him to manage the pile. As much as I want him to, there’s no point; he’d be handing it all off to me anyway! He’s busy enough doing other stuff, like cooking dinner (since I’m a terrible chef) and doing the dishes (since the sink makes me gag.)

Yesterday, he got on my case again about the ‘Pile of Doom.’ And I don’t blame him. It’s on the kitchen counter, on a space he needs to prepare dinner.

I did get a little desk mail holder about a year ago, but it turns out it’s too small to hold the mail until I get a chance to sort through it. (And he’ll never let me forget that I bought it and don’t use it!)

So yesterday at Target, I found some folders by the Post-it Note people for organizing. The neat thing is, they stick to the wall! How awesome!

I put them up next to our keys, so I can just dump the mail in them as I hang up the keys at the end of the day. Then I can sort through the mail when I’m ready.

Here are some sample pictures from online of what these things look like:

I put the pockets up last night and cleaned up the ‘Pile of Doom,’ but so far he has yet to notice. I don’t care if he notices the pockets or not. I just hope he feels better about his kitchen counter being clean!



(Curious what my Marriage Project is all about?)

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